About Us

About Rplat

Rplat lets architects and 3D rendering consultants upload their 3D models to the website so that their clients can see the 3D virtual reality walkthrough and augmented reality of the Model using the mobile viewer application or any web browser.
A large portion of design Development time is typically spent on reviewing the design or the 3D rendering with clients, this is a lost time for professionals and high cost to the clients, it also prevents clients from exploring the model in more detail, on their own term or share it with others they care about.
At Rplat we are planning to change this process by providing super easy App and website as a complete solution. Sign Up today and start using Rplat for Free.



To become world largest VR and AR platform in north america



to provide a seamless process to architectural industry to upload, view and share 3D models

A Brief History of Rplat

Rplat is a Toronto based startup company founded by Sean Toussi a toronto based architect.
The all project started as an internal platform to address the highly need of sharing 3D model with clients and soon it became available to other architects and 3D modeling professional to help them solve the same issue.


Sean Toussi

Sean Toussi

Co-Founder & CEO
Nasim Shahani

Nasim Shahani

UI/UX Designer
Ziyi Wu

Ziyi Wu

Fann Nguyen

Fann Nguyen

Head of Marketing