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What is Rplat?

Rplat is an universal 3D, Augmented Reality(AR) and
Virtual Reality(VR) platform that lets you share your
3D models and 3D renderings with your clients.Once
shared, clients can use their Mobile device, VR glasess, or any web browser to view, interact or share the model.

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Re-imagine Client Interaction

Rplat can help you to significantly reduce the client
design review process by giving the end users the
ability to explore the design on their own term and
the convinent of their house.

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Are you a big fan of architecture, new technologies, animations, virtual reality or a part of this amazing industry? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you can help us spread the word about Rplat in your city. you can help architects, consultants and general public understand the value of Rplat technology an dhow it can save them time and money and get the closer to their ultimate goal of living in a better, well designed space. Are you working on developing a similar technology? why reinvent the wheel? join us and lets benefit from all working together. Feel the form below and one of our team members will contact you to discuss the next step.

Ask Your Architect About Rplat

Viewing your project in 3D and at comfort of your home is a great experience you can’t afford to miss There is a big chance that your Architect or 3D rendering consultants is part of our community , so go ahead and ask them about Rplat and uploading your model to this Amazing platform. Once uploaded, you can use any smart phone or Web browser to view, interact, comment or even share it with people you care about for thir opinion. see a sample prs below

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Supported Software

Archicad Brand Archicad
Autocad Brand Autocad
Sketch Up Brand Sketch Up
Cinema 4D Brand Cinema 4D
Unity Brand Unity
Collada Brand Collada
Blender Brand Blender